Susan Mae Hull has been teaching beginning art and calligraphy classes, classes since 1975.  

​She teaches art classes - drawing (the cornerstone of all art), watercolor, calligraphy and most art mediums including many practical crafts. In addition, she is herself, an award winning artist offering her paintings & calligraphy compositions for sale in the gallery on this website,
​​She has also provided calligraphy services for countless individuals, corporations, and universities.

​Come and learn calligraphy from a master calligraphist who has even lettered for the Queen of England!

Solving your Art problems since 1975

Here are a FEW examples of Calligraphy Letter Styles.

You may select any of these for your CUSTOM CALLIGRAPHY COMPOSITION or HAND ADDRESSING,  We can also replicate most calligraphy styles, if you wish to submit a sample of a particular alphabet.

The beginning CALLIGRAPHY STUDENT would customarily begin with Roman Roundhand Sans Serif - a very basic letter style that teaches the fundamental strokes, or Chancery Cursive - slightly more flourished, or Copperplate - a more dramatic "scrolly" alphabet.

With each letter style, I concentrate on teaching the student how to hold and use the pen, the basic strokes of any alphabet and how to properly form the individual letters.

My beginning calligraphy classes are limited to 3 students.

Study groups are limited to 6 students and concentrate on a single style.

I also offer private instruction.  All classes are taught in my private studio.

I am always happy to answer your questions by phone, so please call.



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